Blockchain Update 2016-04-07

Barclay's supporting bitcoin

  • Circle, a Goldman Sach's backed bitcoin start-up is now receiving support from Barclay's
  • Barclay's will provide the financial rails needed for Circle to store, transfer and exchange Sterlings for consumers
  • Circle was granted an e-money licence which was hailed as a "major milestone" by the British Treasury
  • It is the first partnership between a bitcoin start-up and a big British bank


Investment into bitcoin industry improved last quarter

  • $160 million has been invested into the bitcoin industry during the first quarter of 2016
  • It has been the second most active period of bitcoin investments in at least the two past years


OpenBazzar opens for business

  • OpenBazzar, A fully decentralized marketplace using bitcoin, is now opening up for business
  • Similar to BitTorrent, it has no central company in control but is instead open-source developed and maintained


Internet browser that will pay bitcoin to view ads

  • Brave, a new browser that will pay its users in bitcoin if they view ads are launching in May
  • Users have the option to donate the funds received to their favorite sites or receive them to spend themselves